FASTENER FAIR 2019 - Hall 3, Booth 2184

Evirt italia is going to present the award winning PLANAR 20 Sychro CNC in Stuttgart from 19 to 21 March '19, hall 2, booth 2184.

FASTENER FAIR 2019 - Hall 3, Booth 2184

The award winning in CIMES Beijing 2018 - thread rolling machine PLANAR 20 Sychro CNC - first model created on lean ideation concept!

The machine shown in the exhibition will be the first one made with lean ideation concept - don't miss the occasion to see it as the first one!

Free invitations are available by contacting: - bee fast -limited quantit

This new generation of highly innovative rolling machines is characterized by a fully new main frame designed with CAD 3D systems and stress simulators (FEM) to ensure absence of vibrations in any operating condition and the highest level of stiffness essential for every process of cold rolling. This 6 axis CNC machine has been designed to ensure a high degree of automation and thus facilitates the machine set up through:

  • Automatic work rest- highness - Patent Pending,
  • Automatic dies match search without any operator’s intervention - Patent Pending,
  • Brushless motors on the 2 main spindles for a high accuracy motion and backlash absence,
  • High precise positioning of the 2 hydraulic slides due to a linear optical transducer and a feedback all controlled by CNC,
  • Automatic blocking system of head’s inclination,
  • Automatic head’s tilting,
  • New mechanical solutions for head’s blocking system correction,
  • New modern design.

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